• Do you offer free consultations?
  • What happens in the initial consultation?
    The initial consultation is a time for Mr. Meyer to hear about your situation, and for you to receive his initial opinions and recommendations.  There is no obligation for you to work with the him further. You may find that your questions have been answered and there is no need for further representation, or you may discuss with the attorney whether you wish to work together to resolve the issue.
  • What do I bring to the initial consultation?
    This depends on your individual situation. If you have any documents that relate to your matter, then you should bring those with you.
  • If I have an initial consultation, are you now my lawyer?
    No. If you would like to hire Mr. Meyer, and he agrees to represent you, you will first be asked to sign a fee agreement and make a retainer deposit.
  • What will I have to pay?
    Upon retaining Mr. Meyer, you will be asked to make a deposit (or retainer) for fees and costs. The amount of the deposit will vary. (Your deposit may be made by cash, check, or credit card.)
  • What happens to my retainer deposit?
    Your retainer deposit will be placed in our Client Trust Account. As we work and generate invoices, we will deduct from that deposit. We may ask for additional deposit(s), as necessary.  If we complete work on your matter, and there are funds left on deposit, you will receive a refund of the balance.
  • Are "fees" and "costs" the same thing?
    "Fees" refers to the charge for the attorney's time (an hourly rate in most cases); "costs" are out-of-pocket expenses, such as court filing fees, delivery fees, postage, photocopies, etc.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Please call our office to personally schedule an appointment for an initial consultation (503/775-1121). The initial consultation can be in person or by telephone.